Converge Media publishes honest and intelligent content: personal stories of beauty and grit and issues of cultural importance engage, challenge and reveal how Christ is present in all things.

The Vision:

We write for those in transition: between school and work, singleness and marriage, freedom and responsibility, doubt and faith. We write as friends on the journey together, rather than one coaching another down the path. We share what we’ve learned through experience, rather than what we’ve heard or been taught. Our stories, like our lives, don’t need to be tidy, with all the right answers.

Although we are faith based, we encourage people who do not share our views to get in touch. We welcome creative people of all ages and all beliefs to share their opinions.

What you can do:

We would love to hear from you with any ideas, thoughts, comments, subscription related questions. Just go to our contact page to see how we can get in touch!

If you like to write, draw, take photos, make videos, and any other sort of creative thing, see how you can get involved on our jobs page, or more specifically for writers, our write for us page.

Support us by talking about us. Generate discussions by the interesting things you may find on our website. Share articles from our website, and if you subscribe, don’t be afraid to lend out your copy. Discuss over coffee! (We love coffee!) Tell your church leaders that you’d love to see Converge available for your congregation. Tell your boss that your ministry or organization’s front office is just so empty without a copy of Converge. And especially tell them that we do offer a complimentary copy to non-profit organizations (like churches) who request one, and offer a sweet bulk deal for those who feel that one awesome copy just isn’t enough to go around.

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Others have said…

“Strong covers with good cover lines that draw the reader in. Good diversity of stories and topics covered. Great to touch on harder hitting issues…”

Canadian Church Press Awards
Converge brought home four awards in 2013, including first place for convergemagazine.com. In 2012, Converge won a total of five awards.

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“I just read through the latest Converge issue… VERY well done. I found myself quite engaged in at least four articles, which rarely happens for me since I tend to flip thru most magazines and browse headings and pull quotes and pictures. I even photocopied one article to give to a youth kid who could benefit from one of the articles. Cheers!

Michael P

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