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Converge began in 2011 with a desire to create dynamic cultural discussion from a Christian worldview.

We are a magazine that tells authentic stories that impact the lives of our readers — stories which the church may not be willing to discuss. We focus on topics that matter to us as 20 and 30 somethings: life issues, culture topics, church dynamics, and relevant current events. Converge is unashamedly Christian but at the same time approachable for the un-churched individual. We want to spark important discussions and share God’s truth with a world craving a spiritually edifying message.

Mission Statement: 

Converge Magazine publishes honest and intelligent stories: personal tales of beauty and grit and issues of cultural importance engage, challenge, and reveal how Christ is present in all things.


Canadian and US retail stores, individual subscribers, and national leadership events. Delivered to an additional locations including evangelical churches Christian colleges and schools, camps and retreats, and leading ministry organizations.

Media Kit

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