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So you want to write for Converge. That’s fantastic! Whether you’re a blogger, a professional writer, or someone who just has a keen interest and knack for words, we want to hear your story. Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have already written work, or an idea to pitch. But please read the following before you make your move:

First, here are a few things to consider:

Have you read our publication? Take a moment to explore both our online and print. We suggest you read a few issues to get a good feel for what Converge is about before submitting anything.

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What can you write for us?

We write for those in transition: between school and work, singleness and marriage, freedom and responsibility, doubt and faith. We write as friends on the journey together, rather than one coaching another down the path. We share what we’ve learned through experience, rather than what we’ve heard or been taught. Our stories, like our lives, don’t need to be tidy, with all the right answers.

We’d like to see stories on life, relationships, experiences, work, culture, and of course, faith. Please keep it real — the best stories always come from something true. Apologies in advance to the limerick lovers, we do not accept poetry.

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Where can you write?

We have two platforms: Converge Magazine, and Convergemagazine.com.

Converge Magazine:

Our print edition is a vibrant, full colour, glossy magazine. We mainly deliver throughout Canada, and into the U.S.

Here we take the opportunity to provide our readers with more involved stories; stories in which our writers research, explore, reflect, and talk to others. We want you to settle down with our magazine over a nice hot beverage in a comfy armchair to just enjoy, and drink it all in.

Word count for the magazine varies: shorter pieces start at about 300 words, and feature length articles start at 1,000 words.


Our website is a place for more personal, upfront experiences. Think of it like a safe place for confessionals, cultural critiques, and stories you’re not afraid to tell.

Word count for the website is on the shorter end. We like to see submissions stay within the 500 – 700 range.

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How can you write? Yes, we have guidelines:

For our print:

We’re working on finalizing the guidelines. Check back soon!

For our website:

In short:

  • Articles must be infused with stories and personal experiences
  • We want unique perspectives
  • We like sass, grit, and passion
  • We don’t want articles that are judgmental, harmful, shaming, or preachy
  • We don’t want your academic essays or thesis papers
  • We are a Canadian company. Please edit to fit the appropriate spelling and grammar. (ie: Neighbor to neighbour. Color to colour)

Keep in mind, we hold the right to edit your work, and make changes where needed.

For more information, take a look at our web writers guidelines.

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Let’s get in touch:

So are you ready to go? Awesome. Can’t wait to hear from you.

To submit your submissions, or ideas and pitches, just contact us here. Please include your headshot, and a small bio in your email.

But be warned… Due to our small staff and the high volume of material we receive, it can take a while for us to reply. If you haven’t heard from us within 3 – 4 weeks of your email, please assume we will not be able to use your idea or submission.

Flickr photo (cc) by Michael Kalus