7 Ways to get over summer (and get excited about Fall)

7 ways to get over summer

Well, it’s September again. And if you live in Vancouver like I do, that means exchanging the sun for rain, T-shirts for jackets, and a happy, care-free attitude for the anxiety-ridden trepidation over the inevitability of a grey, wet winter. But there are some perks to Fall. You just need to know where to look.

1. A new start

In the Hebrew calendar, September is the beginning of a new year, and a time of new beginnings: a new season, and for many who change jobs or start schools, a new chapter in life. So embrace the new with the energy of your whole being if there is a big change in your life, or if not, make one! Cleaning your room and organizing your desktop is a good place to start, and even though you’re not moving, a quick trip to IKEA is always fun!

 2. Meet new people

You might be on the losing end of a change in September, as you might find some friends leaving town. However, that means lots of cool new people are moving TO town! So be on the lookout for people looking for community. Meet your friends’ new roommates/classmates/small group mates, whoever. Go for lots of group hangouts and dinner parties. Also, everything starts in September: sports leagues, small groups, classes, you name it. And most of them are having a kick-off barbeque while there’s still some sun!

3. Go to a concert/sporting event

September/October is prime concert season, as most bands do not tour in the summer months, preferring only to play festivals. The fall is a new story, as lots of albums get released, and tour plans are made. Make sure you keep track of who’s coming to town, because there may be a few of your favorite artists coming very soon! Also, we all know hockey is starting (thank God) and if you can’t afford a ticket for a pro game, pre-season rates are pretty reasonable, and Junior/College games are also a great experience.

4. Go to church

September is an exciting month for every church: there’s lots of new faces, changes, new courses offered and small groups made. Plus there’s always fun activities planned for new students and 20somethings. If you’re changing cities, try to get as many services in as you can each Sunday to get a feel for the different churches in the area, and also to keep track of all the free luncheons and BBQ’s. As well, lots of small groups start up in September, so if you’re looking for more lasting community through the winter months, this is a good place to start.

5. Plan a winter trip

Come Fall, there’s no shame in planning your winter getaway. It can be very hard to make it through a Canadian winter without a break, so if you can afford it, start planning now. Check online for some good locals and deals, and then send out a Facebook message to see if anyone is interested in joining you!

6. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Nuff said.

 7. Improve yourself

September is a good time to take stock of where you are and make some new goals and routines to help get you through the winter months. Make a reading list and get started on it, take on a new project, or learn a new skill through a local college or course online.

See, Fall isn’t so bad, right? Right?

Excuse me while I cry into my pumpkin spice latte a little. It’s ok, there’s no shame in mourning the loss of summer. Just don’t let it get in the way of an awesome Fall!

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