Why We Exist:

CONVERGE Media exists to influence a growing number of people through daily content that is intelligent, authentic, and that stimulates hope in God. Our target audience includes millennials, whether Christian or otherwise, who seek to better understand the spiritual significance of their daily lives and are concerned with justice for their neighbours, both locally and worldwide. CONVERGE’S mission is fulfilled through our team of Writer/Producers which publishes articles, videos, and social media feeds; our communication is motivated by love, with the aim of spreading life, compelling change, and increasingly reflecting what the Spirit is saying to this generation.

What you can do:

We would love to hear from you with any ideas, thoughts, comments. Just go to our contact page to see how we can get can connect! If you like to write, draw, take photos, make videos, and any other sort of creative thing, see how you can get involved on our jobs page, or more specifically for writers, our write for us page.

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