Michelle Sudduth

is a musician, writer, and worship leader who can't keep houseplants alive, much to her chagrin. She is interested in "culture making" through the arts, and is also interested in finding inexpensive, yet authentic, Mexican food on weekends. Raised in Colorado, she spent her twenties in Nashville, and holds a Master's degree from Regent College in Vancouver, BC. She wants to learn to surf but gets the heebiejeebies even looking at the ocean on google maps. She currently resides in Los Angeles, at a coffee shop or a piano bench.

    God the Great Gardener

    God the Great Gardener

    There is one area of my life that, despite my best intentions and efforts, usually ends in failure. It is the area of gardening. I rarely keep plants alive. Leafy greens, blooming bulbs and even the un-needy cacti die slow, painful deaths all around my house.


    Seeing Diversity as a Very Good Thing

    If we are disciples of Jesus, we see diversity as a very good thing. We honour variety. We don’t place it in a value system where some are more important than others for whatever trendy, political, cultural, or inherited reason.