Sufjan reminds us “We’re all gonna Die”

“We’re all gonna die,” whispered a sullen Sufjan Stevens at the climax to his song “Fourth of July” at Coachella this summer. The concert had been a fairly predictable Sufjan concert: feathery wings were present for his performance of Seven Swans and he had already smashed a banjo.


How Christians Can Succeed In The Art World

Aspiring artists that follow Christ go through a boxing match between their gut and their brain. But I’ve determined that Christian artists need to put the boxing gloves down and get on with it. They need to shut up and work.


Christians Must Rediscover Kindness

It’s true that kindness doesn’t make for very good TV during political elections. And I know that kindness is hard to muster in a world where our social media feeds are full of people saying infuriating things. But we must rise above the vicious, reactive cycle of rhetorical hostility.


Confessions of a Facebook Reject

Happy things happen and I want to gloat. Sad things happen, and I want to pout. Affirm me, people! But no one in Facebook-land responded for weeks. Not even my family. Not one single like. Not one single comment.