Love is an Action

When did we stop loving our neighbor and start hating anyone who wasn’t a cookie cutter image of ourselves? Jesus set forth an amazing example of love when he commanded us to love our neighbors—ALL our neighbors.


Why the Church Needs Imagination

In our modern age of iPhones and data plans, when WiFi seems more vital than oxygen, a constant stream of media washes over us. Connecting to Jesus on Sunday becomes just one point of contact, lost among a million tweets, text messages, and YouTube videos.


A Christian Approach to Politics

It’s a good time for Christians to rethink politics. We must recognize that politics is not the ultimate answer for humanity and that seeking the Kingdom of God is. We must seriously consider prayer and thoughtful Christian engagement as ways of being in the world but not of it.


Reclaiming Sex in the Church

As an unmarried believer, I still find it amazing that I am to avoid sex all of my life only to have the freedom to enjoy it the minute I’m married. What a mind shift! It’s no wonder that for so many newly married couples, even showing each other their naked bodies stirs up feelings of embarrassment.


How to Thrive in the Church When You’re Misunderstood

Most conservative churches have a definition of “normal” that my friends and I can’t live up it up. It can leave us feeling confused and isolated, because most of us didn’t choose our unorthodox demographics, we just found our lives playing out on the single, gay, childless, artistic, or job-wandering stage. So, how do we navigate life in the church when we don’t quite fit in?


The Religion of Masculinity

Aggressive, risk-taking and adventurous behaviour is actually part of a man’s make-up and wiring. Testosterone, a hormone found roughly 15 times more in men than in women…