Maybe It’s Time for a Rest

So, we fill up all seven days with house work, yard work, and job work. We drive our kids from baseball to youth group to chess club. We stuff our lives full and then pour social media into the cracks.


18 Ways to Savour Summer

Before you spend the next two months perfectly chilled in your living room, hunched over your iPhone or laptop, soak up a few sensations that are only available in the summer…


How to Thrive in Monotony

Whether we like it or not, life is monotonous. We do the same thing day after day, and it often feels like we have nothing to show for it. The laundry keeps piling up. The traffic on the road is always backed up. The coffee pot always burns the brew. The spacebar on the keyboard at work always sticks.


How to Avoid the Comparison Trap

It’s easy to fall into the routine of looking at others for approval in an effort to determine our own levels of success. Here are a few tips for avoiding the comparison trap and maintaining a healthy perspective.


Jesus Commands us Not to Worry

I’ve read that Jesus commands us not worry about our life — if we’ll have enough to eat or drink, and if we’ll have clothes to wear. So I thought I had been doing alright since I haven’t been worrying about my basic necessities. But then I kept reading my bible, and came across Philippians 4:6..


Why I’m Opting Out Of Wedding Culture

I am the bride’s biggest fan, the caterers’ most enthusiastic diner, the DJ’s worst nightmare. Yet in the wake of my embarrassing commitment to my early 90s wedding dance moves, I’ve decided to put in my resignation: I’m opting out of wedding culture.


Your Body is a Gift no matter What you See

We’ve inherited this body-brokenness. When we compare ourselves to a Victoria Secret model, worship our muscles at the gym, or loathe our sexuality after being abused, we forge a link between our bodies and our self-worth in a way that God never intended.


What My Special Needs Son Taught Me About Hope

When I woke up, I went to see our new baby. I looked through a window into the nursery. One side of the room was lined with baby beds all full of babies. Except one bed was missing. And tubes and cords hung from the wall in a tangle, as if one of the babies had left in a rush.