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How Christians Can Succeed In The Art World

Aspiring artists that follow Christ go through a boxing match between their gut and their brain. But I’ve determined that Christian artists need to put the boxing gloves down and get on with it. They need to shut up and work.


Reclaiming Sex in the Church

As an unmarried believer, I still find it amazing that I am to avoid sex all of my life only to have the freedom to enjoy it the minute I’m married. What a mind shift! It’s no wonder that for so many newly married couples, even showing each other their naked bodies stirs up feelings of embarrassment.


Thoughts about careers, relationships, wellness, and personal learning.



Sufjan reminds us “We’re all gonna Die”

“We’re all gonna die,” whispered a sullen Sufjan Stevens at the climax to his song “Fourth of July” at Coachella this summer. The concert had been a fairly predictable Sufjan concert: feathery wings were present for his performance of Seven Swans and he had already smashed a banjo.


Theology, Christian history, and personal reflections on faith.

How to Avoid the Unhelpful Question

There are questions worth asking in life. Did I put deodorant on? Did I forget to pay my credit card bill? Should I eat the re-fried beans considering I’m on a date? These are helpful questions.



Love is an Action

When did we stop loving our neighbor and start hating anyone who wasn’t a cookie cutter image of ourselves? Jesus set forth an amazing example of love when he commanded us to love our neighbors—ALL our neighbors.