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How to Thrive in the Church When You’re Misunderstood

Most conservative churches have a definition of “normal” that my friends and I can’t live up it up. It can leave us feeling confused and isolated, because most of us didn’t choose our unorthodox demographics, we just found our lives playing out on the single, gay, childless, artistic, or job-wandering stage. So, how do we navigate life in the church when we don’t quite fit in?


Jesus Commands us Not to Worry

I’ve read that Jesus commands us not worry about our life — if we’ll have enough to eat or drink, and if we’ll have clothes to wear. So I thought I had been doing alright since I haven’t been worrying about my basic necessities. But then I kept reading my bible, and came across Philippians 4:6..


Christians Must Rediscover Kindness

It’s true that kindness doesn’t make for very good TV during political elections. And I know that kindness is hard to muster in a world where our social media feeds are full of people saying infuriating things. But we must rise above the vicious, reactive cycle of rhetorical hostility.


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Sufjan reminds us “We’re all gonna Die”

“We’re all gonna die,” whispered a sullen Sufjan Stevens at the climax to his song “Fourth of July” at Coachella this summer. The concert had been a fairly predictable Sufjan concert: feathery wings were present for his performance of Seven Swans and he had already smashed a banjo.


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How to Avoid the Unhelpful Question

There are questions worth asking in life. Did I put deodorant on? Did I forget to pay my credit card bill? Should I eat the re-fried beans considering I’m on a date? These are helpful questions.



Love is an Action

When did we stop loving our neighbor and start hating anyone who wasn’t a cookie cutter image of ourselves? Jesus set forth an amazing example of love when he commanded us to love our neighbors—ALL our neighbors.